Natural look and feel

Secret in its subtleness

Hyamira® perfects the way you look by contouring the face, adding extra volume where desired, like your lips, or restoring lost volume to your face.

Volume is one of the secrets behind a beautiful face as volume beneath the skin is inevitably lost as the body ages, resulting in the effects we traditionally associate with ageing – such as wrinkles and folds. A beautiful youthful appearance can only be re-established if volume is replaced.

With Hyamira® you can rejuvenate your appearance by restoring lost volume and smoothing away deeper wrinkles and folds from beneath, enjoying a fresher, more youthful appearance. It’s that simple.

But it’s not just about anti-ageing. You can also use Hyamira® to enhance the contours of your face in other ways. Create the high cheekbones or nose you’ve always dreamed of, or enhance your lips for a more sensual mouth by adding extra volume.

It is extremely soft – so you can neihter see nor feel it’s there. You’ll just look and feel fresher and better – and no one need know why!