Hyamira® is a crosslinked hyaluronic acid: Soft,Basic,Forte:

About Hyamira®

Hyamira® is crosslinked hyaluronic acid :

  • no animal ingredients
  • highly crosslinked
  • biodegradable
  • a low content of protein
  • does not produce a rigid facial expression
  • applied quickly and safely, do not leave scars
  • High-performance filling

Hyamira® Soft

Hyamira ® Soft to hyaluronic acid crosslinked designed to correct for small and surface wrinkles.

Hyamira® Basic

Hyamira® Basic to hyaluronic acid for the correction of an average depth of wrinkles and modeling and lip augmentation.

Hyamira® Forte

Hyamira® Forte to  hyaluronic acid for the correction of deep wrinkles, furrows, modeling cheeks and oval face considerable lip enlargement. 

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